The tactical tourniquet  "Boa" was developed specifically for high - functional, military uniforms, "Laska - M". This combination allows you to stop critical bleeding in the shortest possible time after the injury. It is very important for special divisions  in the performance of combat missions!


The project was successful and UKR GUN Projects team has created a version of tactical tourniquet  "Boa", as a separate product. This version can be used as a separate tourniquet in tac combat kit. Tactical tourniquet  "Boa" will serve in the Civil medicine, rescue teams, even in the car kit.

Tourniquet is strap width 30mm. ring hooking, the basis of the mechanism with hooks for fixing straps, impact lever. The lever for influencing works on the principle of a wrench. Not to be confused with mechanisms for collection and fixation of goods on vehicles! It has  specially surface for the inscription time . The inscription on this surface can be made marker or any metal object such as a bullet of cartridge in combat conditions.

tourniquet 4

The patented mechanism tactical tourniquet "Boa" is unique, simple and reliable. It can work in difficult conditions (dust, dirt, water, low and high temperature). Tactical turnstile "Boa" has an innovative operating principle, this tourniquet has no analogues in the world! It is more ergonomic, lever is better than standard rotation principle. Using has less time, which is very important during critical bleeding. The photo shows the C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet (USA) and the Tactical Tourniquet "Boa". Our development has a compact size, length - 10 cm, width - 4.5 cm., Length of the strap - 1m. , width - 30mm.

tourniquet 6


Weight Tactical Tourniquet "Boa" - 75 grams. It is very compact and takes up less space in the medicine kit, which makes it convenient to carry in pockets or on the tactical gear.

tourniquet 7

Today UKR GUN Projects team is working on upgrading the tactical tourniquet "Boa", with the main goal to save human life.

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