Current realities have put high demand for new firearms and upgrading old weapons, which are a legacy of the Soviet system. "Bullpup"  scheme has worked well in foreign armies.  So, a lot of projects started in the Ukraine, which had the task of converting from a Kalashnikov to "Bullpup".

The company UKR GUN projects is developing retrofit kit for AK from 2014. The first  prototype kit had drawbacks. One of the main drawbacks was a problem with the change cartridges 7.62. This cartridge has a strong bend and   rested on the pistol grip, which is placed in front of him. Work on the first version of the kit for the modernization of AK was stopped.

The second version was created without  drawbacks .It had a fundamentally new constructive solutions of a number of elements. The second version of kit can be installed on military weapons and civilian version now. Adhering to the company philosophy, the kit can be installed in the field, using one Multitools. Exclusion is a weapon with folding stock. The equipment must be more complicated for them.

Modernization passes without changing the main parts of weapons, it does not require a special license. You can return the weapons to the factory version, always.  Shooters can upgrade the old AK to modern systems, without special workshops. The result is  connection  AK and "Bullpup", AK reliability and increasing weapons usebility , ergonomics, functionality and modularity for equipment.


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