Self-loading carbine Simonov was created as one of the most successful weapons research of the Soviet Union. Weapons made exact, failsafe and elegant. Until now, the SKS is used in many countries. Carbine was designed to distance the fight 300-800 meters. Perhaps this Kalashnikov characteristic was better in the density of fire at a small distance.

Given that Ukraine's stocks still have a large number of carbines, as well as the owners of weapons, the company UKR GUN began work on a project to create a kit  for the modernization of the SKS.

sks bullpup

This kit allows you to change the layout of the classic scheme to scheme "bullpup". You can decrease the length of the weapons and improve maneuverability with him. The new receiver decreased overall weight. The possibility of installing of interchangeable cartridges. This kit contains module with slats "Picatinny", you can install the optical, mechanical and collimator aims, and the different modular equipment.  

As a result, after this modernization we have a modern shooting complex. Accessories SKS was produced by milling, so that the carbine get high precision and good accuracy.When installing an optical aim modernized SKS can be used as a marksman weapon or other variant - assault rifle.

The company's engineers considering the possibility of the installation of automatic fire. Despite the popularity of the AK, SKS is very popular among fans of weapons and this fact is more than justified. Reliability, simplicity, ergonomics and after the modification it has maneuverability, the scheme "bullpup" and multifunctionality , that makes the SCS competitive with modern weapons.

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