The project "Laska" - is the creation of a unique army combat  uniforms for the soldiers of special forces. Given the scarcity of special military uniforms on the front line in the ATO in our divisions, a project was started to design a unique form for our Intelligence teams and divisions of the Special forces. 

     uniform 2

Special cutting was used for the creation of a uniform form was free design. Sportswear was the basis and added to the functional elements of different forms These were elements of uniforms of German saboteurs 2nd World War, the russian "Gorka", army combat uniforms British SAS. The uniqueness of the uniforms is  installation special Tactical tourniquets "Boa". All developments are patented.

uniform 3

The army combat uniform was made with the use of combat experience. Army combat  uniform has a unique intuitive functionality for free movements. The uniform is made from natural fabrics. It has a good ventilation and good protection from the wind.

uniform 5

Special fabrics and military fabrics are used in the production of this form. A-TACS  and Multicam for Ukraine. The company uses the latest fabric technology, for example SuperFabric. 

uniform 4

The form for women has been designed  by team UKR GUN Projects. This form is convenient for the female figure and containing exclusive style.

uniform 6

Tactical training. Quick stops arterial bleeding when wounded during conducting combat.



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